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Monria makes it to the top in Steam Greenlight!

Monria is now officially Greenlit on Steam. In the February 5th batch, a fan selected pack of 50 games including Monria was added to the greenlit list and offered worldwide distribution via Steam.

We would like to thank the community for all the support! We could not have achieved this without you.

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Player looted $33 000 US in Entropia Universe

On October 5th Alan Akram from Bergen, Norway achieved legendary loot from one of the tougher creatures in Entropia. The loot with a total value of over $33 000 US is one of the highest ever in Entropia. Akram immediately withdrew some money to his real life bank account, but also kept a considerable part in the game to buy new equipment and advance his avatar. "I was hunting around Fort Troy on Planet Calypso when I came upon a Mulmun Looter Elite. I was definitely trying to take down a creature above my level but I had good weapons, armor and friends," said Alan Akram. "Luckily my cousin had mentored me for fights like this and I had a guardian angel healing me during the battle. I am stunned as I never expected a jackpot this massive and will definitely be playing this game for a long time."

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Monria presents Universe-wide free travel program!

Are you wondering which planet to start your gaming on? Perhaps you want to try them all to see which storyline interests you the most or where the coolest monsters are? The Monria team is launching a universe-wide free travel program for ALL players that sign up through this site. We will bring you safely to any place you want to go and back again!

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