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    Some have mentioned that they'd like to submit suggestions for future issues of our Monria Quarterly magazine, so I created this section specifically for that purpose.

    Here are the guidelines for those who want to submit suggestions:
    • keep the suggestions Monria-related unless it's something that universally affects all of us
    • we will not be writing to any extent about planets
    • --- a planet might come into play if it is associated with one of our field trips and we share the experience
    • we will not profile players and/or societies other than those who have a genuine connection to Monria
    • --- this means individuals and/or societies who actually engage in Monria chat; and
    • --- those who interact in some way with the community
    • --- Example ... people who come to do the dailies but never interact with us won't be considered
    • --- we want to showcase those who are very active in our community and interact with us
    • be specific with your suggestions so that they are easily understood
    • if you're submitting more than one suggestion, please separate them by topic
    If you have any questions regarding this process, please post them in this thread.

    Thank You ... I'd like to know what you'd like to see in future issues of the magazine. :)
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