What items should i bring to Monria?

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    Hi guys, recently i won an appartment on monria and i'm willing to put my three shopkeepers in it to use it as shop

    so, i would like to know what kind of items most monrians need

    i can craft all vivos, gyro fap-35 and some other gyro faps also. i have plenty rk-5/rk-20 tools and i can craft more if needed. i can craft space thrusters, i have plenty of L weapons, mostly low lvls (note: i don't sell weapons for below than 110% mu, so if i bring any, will be in at least 110% mu unless they are beginer weapons that i usually tt), i have mf chips, textures, vehicles and many many more items (i'll update my list later)

    so, if you have any need of item/s (let's say for example you "burn" often rk-5 tools and you need more), you may do requests

    edit: i have already added my three shopkeepers in my appartment, i can only add 60 items on them, so i have just some random items on two of them atm and only rk-5/rk-20 tools on the third one.
    If you want me to add any items of the list to my shopkeepers, just request it
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    Items i rarely craft or looted in hunting or bougth them in the past and now i don't need them:
    • Xent Tech Light Rifle Prototype
    • 2x Armor Plating Mark.7A (L) (38.82ped & 36.25ped tt)
    • 2x Vigilante Helmet (M)
    • 2x Hedoc SK-20 (L) (21.67ped & 21.25ped)
    • 12-13 Herb Box with really nice tier numbers
    • 0x0F382C8C91E58C8273C0 (L) (22.49ped tt)
    • CDF Laser Power Amp 3 (L) (full tt)
    • CDF Laser Power Amp 4 (L) (full tt)
    • 18x Calypso Candy Cane
    • 7x Christmas Garland
    • 4x Christmas Lantern
    • 2x Gift Wrapped Box
    • 7x Heart-shaped Pillow
    • 10x Infernal Trident
    • 7x Metal Torch
    • 4x Mr Huggy
    • 5x Hero Mask (M,C)
    • 3x Holiday Coat (F) & 3x Holiday Coat (M), also 6x Holiday Hat (F)
    • Colonist 'PvP' Jumper Event Issue (F) & Colonist 'PvP' Slacks Event Issue (F)
    • Colonist 'Riddle' Jumper Event Issue (F) & Colonist 'Riddle' Slacks Event Issue (F)
    • 4 full tt Combustive Attack Nanochip II (L)
    • plenty of Fanoos Medical V1 (L) for 0.5ped each (can sell only in private trade)
    • ~180x Julklapp 2011
    • Hunter Face Guard Mentor Edition (M)
    • 15x Hunter Gloves Mentor Edition (M)
    • 3x Hunter Harness Mentor Edition (M)
    • 4x Hunter Thigh Guards Mentor Edition (M)
    • 2x Imperium Fast Fap v1 (L) (13.67ped & 15.46ped)
    • Imperium Reliable Fap v1 (L) (15.22ped)
    • Isis LBP 16 (L) (got many of them)
    • Isis LBP 25 (L) (got many of them)
    • Isis LLP 16 (L) (got many of them)
    • Optimus Prime Helmet (M)
    • 6x Philosopher's Sword
    • 7x Sollomate Opalo (i think they are all tier 1 and up)
    • 10x Castorian Survival EnBlade-A (i think all of them are tier 1)
    • 4x Skildek Vaporizer (L) (full tt)
    • Pilot Goggles (M)
    • Polar Bear Head (F)
    • 3x Polar Bear Head (M)
    • S.I. FlameThrower
    • 2x S.I. HK110
    • S.I. Scorpion
    • Teleportation Chip II (L) (full tt)

    Items i can craft by request:


    • Armor Defense Enhancer all lvls (atm i miss the bps for VIII and IX but i could buy em if you request it)
    • Armor Durability Enhancer I-IV & VI-IX (only by request)
    • Medical Tool Heal Enhancer I-VIII
    • Medical Tool Economy Enhancer II-V, VII & IX (only by request)
    • Medical Tool Skill Modification Enhancer I-VI (only by request)
    • Mining Finder Depth Enhancer I-II, IV, VI & VIII
    • Mining Finder Skill Modification Enhancer I-V & VIII
    • Mining Excavator Speed Enhancer I-VI & VIII-IX (only by request)
    • A.R.C. Ranger
    • Silverstitch
    • Ozpyn Cold Protector (L)
    • Predator parts (L)
    • A.R.C. P.I.G.V. Mk. II (L)
    • DragonFly Helicopter (L)
    • Imperium Spec Lancer (L)
    • Spear MK. IV (L)
    • Gungnir Mk1 (C,L)
    • Pitbull Mk I (C,L)
    • Pitbull Mk III (C,L)
    • Adapted Force Mace Basher (i usually craft em for myself cause the matterials are expensive and need shitload of residue but i could craft em for you also if the price is fair)
    • Jester D-5 (L)
    • Kismet Light Laser (L)
    • Dominax Original Garter (L)
    • Ozpyn LR S1X1
    Weapon Amps:
    • Bull tac10 (L)
    • Bull tac20 (L)
    • Bull tac25 (L)
    • Bull tac30 (L)
    • Bull tac40 (L)
    Healing tools:
    • Vivo T5 (L)
    • Vivo T10 (L)
    • Vivo T15 (L)
    • Vivo T20 (L)
    • Vivo UR125 (L)
    • Vivo UR150 (L) (only L bp exist for this fap, so i can craft em only when i loot the bp)
    • Vivo UR175 (L)
    • Vivo UR200 (L)
    • Vivo Oxy1500 (L)
    • Vivo Oxy2000 (L)
    • Vivo Oxy2500 (L)
    • GYRO FAP-6 (L)
    • GYRO FAP-10 (L)
    • GYRO FAP-14 (L)
    • GYRO FAP-18 (L)
    • GYRO FAP-22 (L)
    • GYRO FAP-30 (L)
    • GYRO FAP-35 (L) (my favortie)


    • Ziplex Z5 Seeker (L)
    • Ziplex Z10 Seeker (L)
    • Ziplex Z15 Seeker (L)
    • Ziplex Z20 Seeker (L)
    • eMINE FS (L)
    • eMINE E (L)
    • Finder F-101
    • Imperium Resource Refiner B1
    Furnitures, Misc & Clothes:
    • Chirpy Statue
    • Daikiba Statue
    • Feffoid Statue
    • Small Storage Box (C)
    • Nallo Ceiling Lamp (C)
    • Pall Stool (C)
    • Tatami
    • Retail Partition High (C)
    • Modern Coffee Table
    • Outdoor Wicker Couch
    • Outdoor Wicker Chair
    • Cyrene Collectible: Drill Bot
    • Cyrene Collectible: Merfolken Scout
    • Cyrene Collectible: Scout Bot
    • i can craft most kind of Signs and Screens, either PC or regular, just request it
    • Patterned Shirt Series 1(L,C)
    • Trailblazer Boots
    • Space Thruster (L)
    • Vehicle RK-5 (L)
    • Vehicle RK-20 (L)
    • Ziplex T100 Texturizer (L)
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    • Allophyl Leather Texture (66.00ped)
    • Argonaut Leather Texture (132.94ped)
    • Arkace Texture (63.84ped)
    • Armax Leather Texture (14.26ped)
    • Atrax Leather Texture (30.60ped)
    • Atrox Leather Texture (71.25ped)
    • Berycled Leather Texture (10.80ped)
    • Bokol Leather Texture (89.76ped)
    • Brukite Stone Texture (9.09ped, accepting requests)
    • Carabok Leather Texture (31.38ped)
    • Caudatergus Leather Texture (15.48ped)
    • Cbase Plastic Texture (12.04ped)
    • Combibo Leather Texture (41.25ped)
    • Cornundacauda Leather Texture (35.28ped, accepting requests)
    • Daikiba Leather Texture (30.24ped)
    • Exarosaur Leather Texture (12.41ped)
    • Faucervix Leather Texture (10.66ped)
    • Firn Texture (10.92ped)
    • Foul Leather Texture (5.92ped)
    • Gradivore Leather Texture (3.84ped)
    • Green Crystal Texture (by request)
    • Grooved Metal Texture (7.54ped)
    • Hadraada Leather Texture (14.04ped)
    • Halix Leather Texture (17.24ped)
    • Jellyworm Texture (117.75ped)
    • Jori Leather Texture (6.48ped)
    • Kaldon Stone Texture (12.21ped, accepting requests)
    • Longu Leather Texture (53.35ped)
    • Lysterium Texture (12.6ped, accepting requests)
    • Mermoth Leather Texture (15.2ped)
    • Miluca Texture (80.42ped)
    • Monura Female Leather Texture (3.42ped)
    • Monura Male Leather Texture (2.84ped)
    • Mourner Leather Texture (2.7ped)
    • Nissit Stone Texture (21.18ped, accepting requests)
    • Nusul Leather Texture (212.96ped)
    • Oculus Leather Texture (61.1ped, i might craft more of them in the future)
    • Oro Leather Texture (97.3ped)
    • Ostelok Leather (4.08ped)
    • Oxidized Iron Texture (80.41ped)
    • Paneleon Texture (33.09ped)
    • Polished Chrome Texture (91.35ped)
    • Prancer Leather Texture (13.25ped)
    • Primordial Longu Leather Texture (24.07ped)
    • Sabakuma Leather Texture (12.3ped)
    • Sea Wraith Texture (91.56ped)
    • Snablesnot Leather Texture (25.8ped)
    • Sopur Stone Texture (2ped, accepting requests)
    • Tezlapod Leather Texture (8.71ped)
    • Thermodure Plastic Texture (17.08ped)
    • Tripudion Leather Texture (7.48ped)
    • Trutun Stone Texture (2.76ped)
    • Zadul Leather Texture (12.98ped)

    Beauty (Matterials):

    • 9x Cosmetic Pen (Black)
    • 2x Cosmetic Pen (Royal Blue)
    • 5x Cosmetic Pen (Royal Purple)
    • 3x Cosmetic Pen (Slate Grey)
    • 8x Cosmetic Pen (White)
    • 3x Eyeshadow (Hollywood Cerise)
    • 2x Eyeshadow (Medium Purple)
    • 2x Eyeshadow (Olive Drab)
    • 2x Eyeshadow (Slate Grey)
    • 2x Eyeshadow (White)
    • 1x Face Paint (Black)
    • 2x Face Paint (Blue)
    • 2x Face Paint (Dark Brown)
    • 2x Face Paint (Dark Green)
    • 2x Face Paint (Green)
    • 1x Face Paint (Navy Blue)
    • 4x Face Paint (Olive)
    • 4x Face Paint (Orange)
    • 1x Face Paint (Purple)
    • 1x Face Paint (Turqoise)
    • 11x Face Paint (White)
    • 3x Face Paint (Yellow)
    • 1x Glitter Spray (Royal Blue)
    • 1x Lip Gloss (Burgundy)
    • 1x Lip Gloss (Hot Pink)
    • 2x Lip Gloss (Silver)
    • 2x Lip Liner (Black)
    • 1x Lip Liner (Burgundy)
    • 1x Lip Liner (Maroon)
    • 1x Lipliner (Pink-Orange)
    • 1x Lipstick (Auburn)
    • 3x Lipstick (Black)
    • 2x Lipstick (Burgundy)
    • 1x Lipstick (Cardinal)
    • 2x Powder (Deep Peach)
    • 2x Powder (Pale Pink)
    • 1x Rouge (Cardinal)

    Paint cans, Extracors & Blueprints:
    • i have all kinds of paint cans and extractors, just tell me which one you need and what is your mu you offer
    • Welding Wire Blueprint (L) and many many more L or ul bps that don't need
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    Dark Moon
    Nice inventory list Stelios. Let me know when you have your shopkeepers in place, and be sure to list your apt location. I will then create a dedicated section for you under Monria Shops / Monrians Selling From Apartments and you can keep an updated inventory list there for people to check to see if you have anything you need.

    It's also a way for people to interact with you in your dedicated section to let you know what they need. :)

    I already know at least a couple of people who would be interested in the beauty materials.
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    Do you have any Corrosive Attack Nanochip IV/V/VI?
  6. Stelios ntelinatsos

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    i have only one III, i was using corrosive IV, V, VI and up in the past and broke them all
  7. Kendra

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    Hey Stelios you've got a load of stuff, as soonas your apt is set up I'll pop in to take a look
  8. Stelios ntelinatsos

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    it's already set, but, as i said in the edit section of the first post, i can only add 60 items on these shopkeepers, so i have some random items atm
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